15 Feb

IFSA Changes Name to Reflect Interest in All Water-Based Suppression Systems

As of the year 2018, IFSA, known as the International Fire Sprinkler Association, changed its name to the International Fire Suppression Alliance.

At its 2017 year-end meeting, the Board of Governors of the IFSA voted to legally change the name of the organization to the International Fire Suppression Alliance, consistent with its mission “to globally promote the use of effective water-based fire protection systems”.

Since its original formation in 1999, the IFSA has included water mist and other water-based systems within its scope of activities. In fact, the original mission statement of the IFSA was “to promote and enhance the business of manufacturing and installing fire sprinkler, water spray and water mist systems and devices in all buildings, from homes to high rise, worldwide, with the highest degree of competence and professionalism, for the purpose of saving lives and protecting property. “  It was later shortened with the word “effective” added to highlight that product quality is a focus of IFSA efforts.  In recent years the IFSA has consistently pointed out the need for authorities to require proper product certification to guard against substandard products reaching the marketplace

IFSA Web Page: http://www.firesprinkler.global/

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