Pendent Sprinkler | Standart Response


• All Hazards
• 5 mm bulb

Usage Areas

• House
• Hotel
• Hospital
• Mall
• Dormitory
• Trade Center

K Factor

• K5.6(80)

Thread Size

• 1/2" NPT (15 mm)


• Brass
• Chrome


• 57˚C (135˚F)
• 68˚C (155˚F)
• 79˚C (175˚F)



Standart Response Pendent Sprinkler is easy to use and extremely safe. Sprinkler is placed on the specially designed piping system that it covers the area requiring protection. One of the most significant components of the stuffing, the fluid in the glass tube expands and goes off due to the temperature generated by fire. Because the ambient temperature exceeds the maximum expected ambient temperature by 30 °C during fire, the maximum ambient temperature of the sprinkler should be chosen to be at temparetures above 30 °C. Once the glass tube of the sprinkler above fire, the water under pressure hits the deflect and sprayed over fire. Only the sprinkler heating up during fire goes off, thereby releasing water.

They are preferred in suspended ceilings or in locations where downward sprinklers are appropriate. Water sprays in a conically expansion. They can be used with escutcheons.


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